water damage tips

Water Damage Tips

Sustaining water damage can be damaging to your home and your family. Please follow these water damage tips below and call us immediately for water restoration services.water damage tips


  • First, be aware of electrical hazards, and of any wet areas that could be slippery and cause you or your family members to fall. Don’t forget that wet items can be very heavy, particularly as cloth and similar materials soak up water.
  • Get rid of as much excess water as you can by mopping and blotting carpets, floors, furniture, and other items that may have come in contact with water. If you can, place something between the legs of your furniture and the floor to raise the height and make it easier to move away from harmful water.
  • Remove rugs, art objects, and loose items which may be on the floors to keep them safe from further water damage.Do not leave wet items where they are, particularly fabrics, leather, or furs.
  • Do not leave books or other paper items where they are. Remove them from water sources and dry them as best you can. Do not use your vacuum cleaner to remove water.
  • Do not turn on electronics, especially if it is wet in the areas around them, and stay out of rooms with warped or sagging ceilings.


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