Flooded Basement

What do I do about a flooded basement?

What do I do if my basement flooded?

A flooded basement can cost you a lot of money and cause serious damage to your home. That is why we are here to help! If your home is flooded call us immediately at 309-664-8577 or email us at cody.bradypm@gmail.com. We will take the proper measures to limit the damage water can do to your house.Flooded Basement

We employ processes that are customized to address your specific problems. We have a wide range of technologies to pump out the water, dry all the remaining corners of your basement, and restore your basement back to its original state.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind if you do experience a flooded basement:

  • Take pictures and/or videos of the mess for insurance claims and tax deductions.
  • Wear proper clothing such as boots, waterproof gloves, protective masks, etc. because the water could be contaminated.
  • Remove as much of your stuff as possible. If contaminated water got on anything, throw it out.
  • Make sure to check with an electrician about what’s safe and turn the power off to the flooded area.
  • You can remove standing water with pails, mops, rags, shop vacuum, and a sump pump.
  • Using dehumidifiers, fans and air conditioning can help dry out the water.
  • Water damage can cause mold in the area affected. Try shutting the basement door to prevent the mold from spreading.

Just because you do not have a basement that has flooded before, does not mean you shouldn’t take preventative measures. Go around your yard and check clogged gutters and full window wells and make sure you have a working sump pump.

Most importantly call us so we can restore your basement back to its original state!